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IEA Meeting on International Collaborations on Lithium-Lead Blanket R&D, Heid .. ...

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Under the agreement of IEA, a meeting on Liquid Breeders Subtask Coordination has been held on Sept.30th, 2007 in Heidelberg, Germany.


The objectives of this meeting include:

  • coordination of R&D given party priorities and available domestic budgets
  • more information is needed for all liquid ITER TBM designs
  • low ITER fluence does not allow a definite design for the tritium system
  • tritium behavior is not well understood
  • limited resources and large R&D need for LLE TBM’s motivates collaboration
  • developing and complete summary table by end of workshop.

During the meeting, more topics were presented by p in detail, such as:   

  •   PbLi specifications (Gastald)  
  • T solubility in LLE (Gastaldi)
  •   T solubility in PbLi (Ricapit   
  •   LLE-T recovery work (Wong)
  • T sol exp in LLE in JP (Terai)   
  •   IN experiments in PbLi-T system (R. Kumar)
  •    T permeation/corrosion barrier development (Konys)  
  •    Ceramic coating studies in JA (Terai)
  •    Permeation barrier activities in US (Sze)  
  •   He bubble issues (Morley)
  •   He impacts BB designs (Sedano)   
  •  Planning on LLE-water interaction studies in US (Sharpe)
  •  PbLi water interactions in France (Gastaldi)  
  •   database development for LLE (Sedano)
  •   IEA Liquid Breeders website setup (Y. Wu), etc.


In the end, the Next subtask meeting was decided to be held at SOFT-28 (Sept. 15-19th, 2008 in Rostock, Germany, soft2008.ipp.mpg.de) to discuss what decided activities are and how plan to initiate share tasks, at the same time, to presented report on activities and results (i.e. technical discussions).

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